Dream Big, Hustle Hard, Process

Have you ever signed up to run in a race, such as a 5K or even a marathon? Did you have a goal for the race? If you did, was your goal just to finish, or was it to achieve a certain finishing time? If you made a goal, there is a chance you devised a training plan to help you get to your goal on race day. 

When Craig Forsberg founded Endurance Financial Planning, he saw the similarities in trying to improve his marathon time to the steps you would need to take to improve the marathon of your financial life. Through our proprietary five-step process, “Dream Big, Hustle Hard, Process”, we aim to help our clients do just that!

Our Steps

Our Steps

  1. Initial assessment (Learning about your financial marathon)
  2. Develop a new plan or modify your existing training plan (Customized financial plan)
  3. Pace and endurance training (Client and advisor execute steps identified in financial plan)
  4. Race day results (Evaluate and test current situation from results of executing financial plan steps)
  5. Coaching adjustments (Review results from testing plan and accountability from advisor)

Utilizing Our Five-Step Process

The first step is completed once when we establish a relationship with a new client and get to know their situation through our onboarding conversations. Steps two through five are completed in cycles over a period decided between you and your advisor where your plan is adapted, implemented, evaluated, and adjusted as you make progress towards getting to where you want to go.

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